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Remarks by Dr. Mokuno

Ladies and gentlemen and the honored guests, I am very pleased and honored that I have been given the opportunity of being invited to this significant event tonight being hosted by International Leadership Foundation, in particular, in the presence of the Honorable Mr. Mineta, the Secretary of Transportation and the Honorable Mrs. Chao, the Secretary of Labor of the George W. Bush Administration, the great President of the United States of America.

I am so honored that you have recognized for the role I have been playing in promoting and enhancing the various kinds of interactions and exchange programs with many entities and professional persons who have been playing an important role in our bilateral relationship on health, social welfare and care services for the elderly. The activities and programs I have been promoting for many years included the mutual exchanges on lectures and training programs, international symposiums and other important programs on the issue of aging in our bilateral relationship. I have always maintained that the methodology, concept and implementation on the care services for the elderly must be implemented with the irrevocable necessity of applying the understanding of heritage and cultural factors that are rooted in their lives through their roots in order to make them to be more natural in their aging period.

It goes without saying that the recognition I have been given is deeply appreciated and honored and I believe that this is due to the wisdom, guidance, advice and support that Dr. John B. Tsu has provided for me and without which I could not be here tonight. I am so honored that I am a disciple of Dr.Tsu who is currently playing the most important roles in his capacity as the Chairman of the Presidential Commission on Asian and Pacific Islanders, the Honorary Chairman of International Leadership Foundation and U.S. Foundation for International Economic Policy and so many other entities. As all of you know, Dr.Tsu has been devoting his tireless and unselfishly his energy and wisdom to advance not only the level but also the opportunity of Asian Americans in the public and private sectors which will contribute to the wellbeing of their lives in the United States. I am also pleased and recognize with the respect that the leadership that the Secretary Mineta and the Secretary Chao have been demonstrating the important and valuable roles under the Bush Administration which will be an important step stone for the next generation of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and other Asian Americans who are also contributing to the wellbeing of not only Asian Americans but also to the people in the United States who will be no doubt the leaders in many fields both in the public and private sectors in the United States. For this reason, the role and leadership that International Leadership Foundation has been playing is beyond the word of admiration. Lastly, I am very pleased being together with all of you tonight. Thank you very much.

Teruhisa Mokuno
Sun-Life Social and Welfare Organization
Sun-Vision Social and Welfare Organization

July 15, 2004



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