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2004 Leadership Award Honoree
by International Leadership Foundation held in Washington D.C. on
July 15, 2004

Dr. Teruhisa Mokuno
Improving Care for the Elderly

Sixteen years ago, Dr. Mokuno founded the non-profit organization, Sun-Life & Welfare Organization, which is to act as a care services provider for the elderly in Japan. Some ten years ago, he founded another non-profit organization; Sun-Vision & Welfare Organization, which provides care services for the elderly in institutional settings.

Today, Dr. Mokuno operates more than two dozen facilities with satellite centers around the core of main facilities in Japan. His organization more than 1,300 employees, who are hold positions as administrators at the facilities, medical doctors, social workers, occupational and physical therapists and care given in addition to other supporting staff.

From the lessons he has learned at his facilities, Dr. Mokuno travels the world to encourage the spread of quality care for the elderly. He has developed international alliances with universities and counterparts in foreign countries including Australia, Sweden, and New Zealand. In the United States he has worked closely with the National Asian Pacific Center on Aging, and has developed "Elder Workshop Programs" in partnership with John F. Kennedy University in California. He is a recognized expert on the issue of care services for the elderly Asian in foreign countries, most notably the United States.

Upon graduating from a technical college in Nagoya, Dr. Mokuno began his career as an architect with his own urban development firm, focusing on the development of a collaborative community that promotes close interactions and friendships. He was awarded a citation of excellence in his professional accomplishments in this field by the Japanese government.

Dr. Mokuno has earned an Honorary Doctorate in Public Policy from John F. Kennedy University and is currently a distinguished visiting research scholar at the university.

Dr. Mokuno is the author of many theses and publications. He is the father of three children and his wife, who is also an active volunteer for the elderly, is one of the most active social dance performers in Nagoya.


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