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Political Prospects; the views expressed by Brian Imagawa who aspires to be a newly emerging leadership for the next generation

Brian Imagawa is a third generation Japanese American. He believes that President Obamafs vision has changed him completely. Brian was attracted to the political philosophy and vision that President Obama represented. He is one of the youths who volunteered to support Obama in his campaign to be the President of the United States. His devoted support was recognized by President Obama in a personal letter received from White House. Click "Download" below to view the full article.

Download (52KB - PDF) | Letter from President Obama (440KB - PDF)


The Final Report on the National Conference on Social Security Policy and SystemiЉۏፑcGŏI񍐁j

The national conference on social security policy and system was established and formed under the leadership of Prime Minister, Yasuo Fukuda(cNv) in January, 2008. It was designed to develop and
implement policies to meet the emerging needs of the time and the future, including the financial aspect of sustaining a viable social security system. Both the public and political parties concerned should play and be involved more directly with the process of shaping the social security policy of Japan in the future. Click "Download" below to view the full report.

Download (160KB - PDF)


Dr. John Tsu Memorial Fellowship Awards

The Dr. John B. Tsu Foundation is pleased to announce the establishment of the gDr. John Tsu Memorial
Fellowship Awardsh in San Francisco Bay Area. These 5 fellowships each worth $2,000 will be awarded this year to: (1) Bay area high school graduate; (2) Who have been accepted to a four year college; (3) Who are gfinancially disadvantagedh (Annual family income $40,000 or less). For more information, please click one of the links below.

English version (84KB - PDF) | Chinese version (164KB - PDF) | Japanese version (164KB - PDF)


Political Prospects by iNTOUCH

Mr. Yusuke Kataoka, Acting Chairman & Executive Director, US Foundation for International Economic Policy was interviewed recently by Mr. Nick Jones, Editor for iNTOUCH regarding his view of how a new administration under President Obama and the US Congress may impact on the bi-lateral relationship between Japan and the United States of America chiefly on trade, defense, education and other important issues. The following is the excerpts of the interviews conducted. To download the PDF version of the article (11.1MB), click here.


2005 White House Conference on Aging; Observation and Comments

Under the theme of The Booming Dynamics of Aging; From Awareness to Action, 2005 White House Conference on Aging was held from December 11th through 14th in Washington D.C. in the United States, designed to pave the way for the President and the Congress to help guide national aging policies for the next ten years and beyond by paying the attention to the resolutions which were voted by the delegates from 50 states and territories. more >>


John F. Kennedy University to honor Dr. Teruhisa Mokuno

John F. Kennedy University, located in Pleasant Hills in the Bay area in California, honored Dr. Teruhisa Mokuno who is a distinguished visiting research scholar at JFK-U, by designating one of the classes on the campus of the University after his name. The official ceremony of designation of the class room took place on August 20th this year with the attendance of President Steven Stargardter, PhD, DJ, and Dr. John B. Tsu, a noted member of Regent of the University, Academic Vice Presidents and his colleagues as well as many professional experts engaged in care services for the elderly from the University community. more >>


International Leadership Foundation's 2004 Annual Award Gala

International Leadership Foundation's 2004 Annual Award Gala was held on July 15th in Washington D.C. with the presence of Hon. Norman Mineta, Secretary of Transportation, Hon. Elaine Chao, Secretary of Labor and Dr. John B. Tsu, Chairman Emeritus who is also Chairman of U.S.Foundation for International Economic Policy and many other distinguished guests. The Foundation's mission is to promote the civic awareness, involvement and effectiveness of Asian Pacific Americans and overseas Asians. more >>


International symposium on the issue of aging: From the global perspective on the aging issues in the 21st Century; Comparative views between Japan and the United States of America

Under the auspicious of U.S. Foundation for International Economic Policy and the National Asian Pacific Center on Aging, with the co-sponsorship of Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Embassy of the United States of Americain Japan, Aichi Prefecture government, Kasugai city, Konan city, Sun-Life and Sun Vision Social Welfare organizations, Aichi Social and Welfare Organizationand other professional and academic entities, the symposium was held in Nagoya city in Japan on February 21,2004. more >>