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米国医療制度改革法、2010 年成立に伴う諸問題と 連邦政府、州政府の当該法律条項施策のプロセスと直面する課題

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Necessity of re-defining long-term care services insurance system in order to meet the needs of the accelerating aging society; Changes required from quantities oriented care approach to qualitative focused care system at institutional facilities with the adaptation of the re-defined supportive system

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加速化する超高齢社会に現実的に対応すべき 介護保険制度の再定義の必要性; 介護体制の “量から質”への思考転換と介護保険制度の健全性と維持の為の関係(機関)者による共生と連携の充実化を即す制度の主要な柱の再定義の必然性

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The Competition Solution. The Bipartisan Secret behind American Prosperity

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先進国との対比においての考察;2005年12月開催のホワイトハウス高齢者会議にみる米国連邦政府、米国連邦議会の高齢社会及び高齢者の為の長期介護サービスに係わる政策、策定に影響を与えるパブリック ポリシーの形成プロセス

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A study and review of points at issue and focal points in the process of developing amendments to the care services insurance law as implemented in the year 2000 in a comparative analysis of how the relative laws were enacted in the United States, such as the older Americans act, its amendments, and the relevant laws

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