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Preview of the story of Dr. John B. Tsu

This story of the late Dr. John B. Tsu is written by Yusuke Kataoka, with the copy right belonging to him. Writer has attempted to focus the writing of the story about Dr. John B. Tsu on some specific activities and assignments he was involved, during certain period of the time while alive, with which the writer is familiar. The writer has conducted the numerous interviews in order not only reflect some of information about him which may be new to the readers but also attempted it to be more primary document oriented on the life of Dr. Tsu. He served, among others, as Chairman of Presidential Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, promoting and advancing the wellbeing of Asian Americans in the society in United States of America. The writer was the eyewitness to some of important meetings and events with which Dr. John B. Tsu was involved both in the States and foreign nations. This may shed some lights on the true life of Dr. John B. Tu in terms of the vision he had and activities he aspired to perform in the era of turbulence during which time he divided his life in China, Japan and the United States of America, which enriched him with an uniquely balanced sense of the insights into political, educational, business and international affairs, with some of which he was deeply involved. As an internationalist, he was involved with the numerous assignments, particularly, in Asian nations. He was involved on the the matter of bi-lateral and multilateral relationship between and among the United States, Japan, Peoplefs Republic of China and Formosa, on trade, education, political affairs and above all, the promotion and development of the dialogues for the unification of Formosa and the mainland China, between the leadership of the higher echelon of Peoplefs of Republic of China and Formosa, for which he had a grand design of his own for the unification of the mainland China and Formosa.

Yusuke Kataoka
Acting Chairman& Executive Director
US Foundation for International Economic Policy



The story of Dr. John B. Tsu (211KB - PDF)

Individual Interviews regarding Dr. Tsu:

Gov. Jim Hunt  (56KB - PDF)
Mr. Albert Chan  (68KB - PDF)
Mr. Basilio Chen  (52KB - PDF)
Mr. Clayton Fong  (54KB - PDF)
Dr. Paula Stern  (48KB - PDF)
Mrs. Chiling Tong  (40KB - PDF)
Dr. Elick Tsang  (36KB - PDF)
Mrs. Marina Tse  (32KB - PDF)
Dr. Stanley Wang  (36KB - PDF)
Mr. Quentin Wilson  (32KB - PDF)
Dr. Benjamin Yang  (48KB - PDF)
Mr. Olin Yang  (28KB - PDF)

The photo is taken with Mr. Susumu Nikaido, the former Chief of Cabinet under Tanaka Administration, in the meeting with Congressman Richard Gephardt in his office in WDC.

The photo is taken at one of the commencement of an university in California, where Dr. Tsu was teaching.

The photo is taken with one of Senator at the Capital Hill, WDC.

The photo is taken at the home of Mr. Nikaido.

The photo is taken with the delegation of US Small and Medium Size Business from the States to participate in GBOC trade show in Osaka.

The photo is the site of GBOC (Global Business Opportunity Convention).