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Aging Issues


The Elderly Care Workshop - 2008

Under the auspicious of Dr. John B.Tsu Asian Pacific Institute (Executive Director, Prof. Don Campbell) of John F. Kennedy University located in Pleasant Hills in Northern California together with Sun-Life Social and Welfare Organizations and Sun Vision Social and Welfare Organization headquartered in Nagoya, Japan, in collaboration with professional organizations, professional individuals in the Bay area who are engaged in the field of aging and care services for the elderly, and endorsed and supported by National Asian Pacific Center On Aging (not for profit organization located in Seattle) and US Foundation for International Economic Policy (not for profit organization incorporated under the leadership of US Congress and its counterpart in Japanese Diet, designed to promote and enhance the bilateral relationship on trade, education, health and elder care services), the Eldercare Workshop has been the on-going programs for the last 13 years. more >>


2007 International Symposium: "Baby Boomers Aging in the World: Challenges and Policies"

On the occasion of commemorating on the 20th Anniversary of the incorporation of Sun Life Social & Welfare Organization (not-for-profit), an International Symposium was held with the participation of the delegates from United States of America, Republic of Australia, Canada and Japan, focusing on the matter of how to cope with the issues of aging society as so-called Baby Boomer's generation become the family of the aging society. Both the developed and developing nations are facing with the challenge of a rapidly aging population and it is constructive in learning with each other on policy directions and some specific programs which are being planned for implementation to deal with care services for the elderly both at home and institutional facilities. more >>


The Elderly Care Workshop - 2004

Under the auspicious of U.S. Foundation for International Economic Policy (incorporated by the leadership in the U.S. Congress and its counterparts in the Japanese Diet, designed to promote the bilateral trade on trade, education, culture and health), Sun-Life Social & Welfare Organization and Sun-Vision Social & Welfare Organization, in collaboration with Asian Pacific Institute of John F. Kennedy University and the National Asian Pacific On Aging in the United States, the eldercare workshop was conducted for the approximately three weeks from July 10th through July 30th at the four facilities being operated by Sun-Life Social & Welfare Organization and Sun-Vision Social & Welfare Organization. more >>