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U.S. Foundation for International Economic Policy is a not-for profit organization formed under the leadership of ranking members of the U.S. Congress and Japanese Diet with the support and assistance of business, economic and governmental entities in U.S.A. and Japan. The founding fathers of this Foundation focused its vision and activities designed to promote and enhance the equilibrium of the bilateral trade on education, culture, trade and health cares. This Foundation is particularly designed to assist small and medium sized companies to develop its business activities in Japanese market-place as well as Eastern Asian nations.

About us

U.S. Foundation for International Economic Policy provides and extends the following activities, support and assistances:

Companies and organizations looking for partners in the field of trade, joint ventures, and technical tie-ups
  Companies and organizations seeking the up-dated economic, market and product information in the Japanese market
  Companies and organizations as well as regional government entities wishing to expand their network of connections with their counterparts in Japan

For the above objectives:

Organize and advise on trade missions to the major cities and regional areas in Japan, designed to enhance matchmaking business meetings
  Assist and conduct preliminary market research on products, technologies and services that American companies to ensure that their initial business contacts would lead to the tangible business results
  Partial financial support and assistance are available for the qualified companies and organizations
  Conduct seminars, symposium and forum meetings to brief on the latest business and economic opportunities in the Japanese market


Preview of the story of Dr. John B. Tsu

The story of the late Dr. John B. Tsu, written by Yusuke Kataoka, focusing on some specific activities and assignments he was involved in during his life time. more >>

Memorial Service in honor of the late
Dr. John B. Tsu

The Memorial Service in honor of the late Dr. John B. Tsu was held on April 9, 2005 at Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption in San Francisco and also at Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association in New York City. more >>